7 Facebook Groups for Freelancers

Seven Facebook Groups for Freelancers

It’s been a year since I got fired for the first time in my life. Fired from the worst job I’ve ever had. Not that I expected being a gas station clerk to be glamorous, but I did expect my boss to treat me like a human. It definitely wasn’t something I aspired to be, but a job’s a job when things are rough.

What motivated me to make the move into freelancing was the freedom. I wouldn’t have to answer to anyone anymore. I wouldn’t have to deal with being degraded and paid minimum wage. (Which, by the way, is your boss/company telling you that they’d pay you less but they legally can’t.)

I knew I had marketable skills, but I didn’t know how to get them out there. Then it was as though the universe was shining a beam of enlightenment and I began to find my way.

It’s been a long process, but fun nonetheless! I want to share my journey thus far with you. I’m taking time to share the most useful resources I’ve come across. Except for my husband. I won’t share him and you can’t make me!

This week, I’m going to list some of my favorite Facebook groups that have helped me along the way.

Socializing with like-minded individuals is a must!

The first absolute MUST HAVE for starting your freelance business (besides a skill) is support. A place where you can ask questions, no matter how dumb YOU think they are. A place to learn. To fellowship and commiserate with people doing the same exact thing you’re doing.

*Some of these groups may not pertain to you and what you want to freelance with, but these were my go-to’s when I first began.

Virtual Assistant Savvies

This group is rich with resources. You learn a lot here because being a virtual assistant is so versatile. There’s no one way to describe it. I’ve seen accountants, graphic designers, social media managers, even copywriters.

The woman who runs this group, Abbey, also offers a boot camp. I’ve never participated, but I have seen plenty of women rant and rave about how great it is.


The VA Virtual Cafe

This was another one of the first groups I joined to soak up knowledge. The first webinar that I ever attended was through here. (Before I learned that webinars are another way to sell digital products – haha!)

There are a decent amount of members and curious folks asking all sorts of questions! (Just soak up that knowledge! Feels good, doesn’t it?!)


Being Boss®

This was my absolute FAVORITE group for the longest time. They archived the group last year, so I’m not sure if you can still join. If you can, you can still browse through the old posts. I also recently saw them on Instagram so I know their podcast is still going!


The Six-Figure Freelancer

I’m going to try my best to keep this as short as possible because I FUCKING LOVE this group. The atmosphere is great, and there’s so much to learn from everyone there. The owners, Jenny and Alex, are so down-to-earth and exceptional at their craft.

I was finally able to afford a boot camp/academy investment. I waited. I did my research. And this is the group that sold me.

The accountability and mindset work you get from this place is nothing short of stellar, and there are so many inspiring men and women here! I had to stop after a month of membership for reasons of my own, but I cannot WAIT to be able to join them again.


Freelancing Females

Shout out to all my lady freelancers! This group is PACKED full of useful information and support.

There are people searching for help with random tasks, people looking for web designers, copywriters, social media managers, EVERYTHING!

They also have a list of places where you can get exclusive discounts for being a member of the group!


The Rising Tide Society

This group is for pretty much every niche out there. It can be a little frustrating at times because it tends to be pretty photographer dominated, but they still post and ask great business-related questions.

You have to sign up to become a member before requesting to join the group. I’m sure it’s so they can email you any promotions they have going on. (And there’s always the unsubscribe button if you don’t need more inbox clutter!)


Think Creative Collective

This group is a little more structured, but still packs a TON of useful information from their more than 18k members!

This place is a hot spot for finding job connections, especially for product-selling businesses!


Even if these groups don’t specialize in the type of freelancing you’re interested in getting into, they lead you into other groups that do. Before I knew it I was elbow deep in groups, and it got overwhelming. If that becomes the case for you, as it does for so many, keep track of your favorites. Keep the ones that you vibe with, and leave the others. You don’t want to overload yourself with too much information – it can stunt your progress!

There is a TON of business advice in all these groups. From which invoicing system works best, to the WordPress vs Squarespace conundrum. There are people in all stages of entrepreneurship, and they’re all very helpful as long as you’re helping yourself!

Do you have any Facebook groups that have helped you in your freelancing career? Why were they your favorites? Leave them some love in the comments!

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